Navajo Creek
Student cleaning Navajo Creek
Navajo Creek winds along the east side of Trinity Christian College’s campus and provides a picturesque view through the picture windows in the Creekside Room of the Bootsma Café.

The creek has naturally become an integral part of the campus, providing—
  • a dunking tank for favorite faculty members…
  • a focus for student-community clean-up efforts during LovePalos
  • a resource for student-faculty research…

Navajo Creek is part of Trinity’s 60-acre campus ‘home,’ and the creek itself is home to:

  • 12 species of mammals
  • 21 species of birds
  • Over 25 species of trees
  • 3 species of fish
  • 3 species of frogs
Professor and student investigating

Professor Diephouse gets dunked into the creek